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RIP FiLMiC Pro???

So... If you haven't heard FiLMiC Pro was recently acquired by Bending Spoons and are now going to be selling the app with a subscription model going forward.

I made a video about this with my initial thoughts...

And here's a Twitter thread I started after reading the (overwhelmingly negative) YouTube comments...

I'll have more on this topic soon as I digest what it means to those of us who have been regular users of the app for years (since 2012 for me) and also hopefully get feedback from FiLMiC Pro. It's one of my favorite and most recommended apps, which you likely know if you follow me here, on Twitter or on YouTube.

As mentioned in the video, I'm not against paying for new features or even a reasonable subscription fee, but what they're currently proposing is pretty far out there (subscriptions from $2.99 to $4.99 a WEEK).

So FiLMiC Pro isn't actually going anywhere, but won't be the same as we knew it. And for a lot of folks it looks like they will be deleting the app if they have to pay more and/or subscribe.

We should know more in the coming weeks and I'll definitely be doing a follow-up video along with a likely new podcast episode.

What do you think?

UPDATE: I was asked to participate in a live chat to discuss the FiLMiC Pro subscription controversy and it turned out to be pretty lively. :) So check out the replay of it if you're interested (it's a long-form discussion so get the popcorn ready - and I would embed it here, but YouTube isn't allowing it so just click on the link above or the image below).

ANOTHER UPDATE: Have now heard FiLMiC Pro will be $49.99/year subscription.


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