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Robust and customizable camera rigs that allow filmmakers to mount a wide variety of accessories and lenses.

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Blackmagic Camera

Very popular filmmaking camera app that's easy to use and full of professional grade features.

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Excellent editing app for iOS devices that will import LUTs to work with log or other types of footage.



With the introduction of the iPhone 4s in 2012 (yep, way back then!), Apple really upped the credibility of the smartphone for not only shooting everyday videos like home movies, family vacations, etc. - but also using a mobile device as a professional filmmaking tool.


Now today there are excellent choices from not only Apple, but Samsung, Google and more. Mobile filmmaking has officially arrived. And when these devices are paired with apps from Blackmagic, lenses from Beastgrip or Freewell and camera rigs from SmallRig or PolarPro, the results can be incredible. 


They say the best camera is the one you have with you, and today that is more true than ever before. So whether you're an indie filmmaker, mobile video journalist, YouTuber, small business owner or a hobbyist - with a little knowledge and a few simple accessories, you can make any video shot with a smartphone look amazing.

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