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Moment "Log" Color Grading Tutorial

We talk a lot about the FiLMiC Pro app on our YouTube channel and this blog/website (it's our favorite app) - but there are other apps that we use too - like the Moment Pro Camera app. And at the end of last year (December 2018) Moment released a big update to the app that was particularly interesting for filmmakers... they added Log/Flat color profiles along with higher bit rate shooting.

We covered all this in a video we produced right after the update, but we didn't go into detail about how we color corrected and graded their new log footage (we had lots of folks inquire about it though). The cool part is that we ended up using our LUTs that we created for the original FiLMiC Pro log footage, and they worked great. We love happy accidents. :)

So in the video below we go through our process for correcting, grading and overall polishing the footage using Adobe Premiere Pro. Note though that the general process is pretty much the same in any editing or color grading app (FCPX, LumaFusion, etc.). So if you don't use Premiere, there is still good info to be found about color grading the footage.

Overall we think the Moment app is pretty solid. It's not on par with FiLMiC Pro, but it's a good option for those looking to create a cinematic look that either don't own FiLMiC Pro or don't know how to use it (and if that the case you should check this out). It's also nice that you can shoot "log" in higher frame rates like 4K 60fps, which you currently can't do with FiLMiC Pro (although there's a reason for this as we discuss in the video).

Long story short, we're glad that Moment is focusing on mobile filmmaking too and not just photography. It's nice to see them supporting the video/film community along with making good gear and apps.

So, what do you think? Do you use the Moment app? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on social media.

Happy filmmaking!

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