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Mobile Movie of the Week!

The guys over at MobileMovieMaking Magazine have featured our latest short film "The Movie Star" as their Mobile Movie of the Week! And as part of that they also did an interview with writer/director Blake Calhoun about the production of the film.


From the article...

Blake Calhoun isn’t the kind of filmmaker who repeats himself. His previous work includes a hard-boiled crime picture (“Miranda“) and a romantic comedy (“First Dance“). Now, with “The Movie Star” Calhoun gives us….something different. We can’t say the genre without giving away the story. Enough to say that “The Movie Star” is a lot of fun, and it demonstrates the director’s mastery of the medium. An interview following the movie explains a few of the amazing tricks that went into this production.


Have you seen the movie? If not, please watch it first as there are spoilers in the interview...

This project was shot on an iPhone for the 2019 FiLMiC Pro short film contest.

Okay, so you watched the film..? :)

Now you can go read the interview here. Lots of good behind-the-scenes info in the article. And btw, we'll be releasing more BTS stuff on our YouTube channel in the future.

Happy filmmaking!

P.S. Want to make your own movie with a smartphone? Check out our Academy where we offer courses on smartphone video production and apps. Thanks!

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