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Using an iPhone Underwater and a New Short Film

Hope everyone is staying home and staying safe! What a very weird time we're all going through.

One thing I've tried to do is stay creative and productive by making videos and short films. And to help others do this too I made my DIY short film series, "Make A Movie Today", FREE for two weeks back in March - and I recently extended that for another two weeks. So if you're interested be sure to enroll while it's available for no charge (it's usually $20). :)

But this post is about a NEW short film I made while staying at home and it's part of a challenge/contest from the great guys at Film Riot.

If you follow indie filmmaking at all on YouTube I'm sure you've heard of Ryan Connolly and his brother Josh and the rest of the crew. I've been a fan of theirs for years and actually quasi modeled my YouTube channel after theirs. I like to create and produce my own video & film work and then share how I did it.

So last week Ryan and company created a "stay at home short film challenge" (the films had to be 1 minute or less) and I decided to enter...

And, in addition to making the new short film I also created an accompanying behind-the-scenes video - primarily about one aspect of the shoot and that was using the iPhone 11 Pro Max for underwater shots.

Hope you enjoy the short film and the "How To" video. And I also hope you stay creative and productive while staying at home! We'll all get through this together, albeit while being separated. :)

Happy filmmaking!

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